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Pasi's Helper Application
Welcome to my Helper application

Info about me.
My name is pasi. I am 18 Year's old and im born in germany but i live in finland. some may know me of other Runescape - Private Server's i have been a Mod, Helper and once a Bug Abuser. Reason im not any of them anymore is cuz i stepped down. My goal is to make everybody happy and support people when they are in need, why? cuz everytime i see people being happy and thankfull for the help i can offer it always makes my day. 

What languages can i speak?
I can speak germany, Finnish and English. i can also speak a little bit of swedish.

How long have been playing rsps?
I have been playing Runescape-private servers for about 5 year's or even more, before that i have been playing normal Runescape for about 1-2 Years.

Why do i wanna be a helper/mod?
I really want to become a helper/mod just because i love supporting people and i also enjoy doing it in real life and i really wanna support the server as much as possible.

Have i ever been punished on any servers?
To be honest yes i have, when i joined a new server and wanted to improve the security of it and try some glitched/bugs and tell the owner about it he did not accept the help and took the help i offered him but in the end he banned me, my goal is not to damage any systems or anything my goal is to make the server better.

How much do i spend on gaming?
I usually spend like 5-10 Hours on gaming, im on my vacation now but when i start to work  again i got like 4-7 Hours time for sure.

Im kind, trusted and helpfull. i also love to spend time with my friends and my family.

How long have i been playing Legendaryscape?
I actually started like 2 weeks ago? I know alot about the server by time but i know the basic stuff.

Have i been doing anything else on any server's?
I forgot to mention this on the  ''info about me'' i also have been a graphic designer once.

I wish that everybody who read's this has a beautiful day!

Heart Pasi Heart


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