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Bug List
Lesser Soulflare doesn't show up as a rare drop

Immortal crystal (I) doesn't show up as a rare drop

::legboss you can only pickup loot about half the time, the other times you can simply click on the loot all day and nothing happens

::barrows sometimes even if you defeat all barrows brothers, it skips giving you any reward or reward screen after you click on the chest and the brothers simply get reset

I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong but when I try to withdraw 1 million checks from the coin bag it will only give me millions of coins not checks, other check types seem to be working.

I will update this as I find new bugs and as things get fixed. Thanks for the awesome game! Legendaryscape is a lot of fun.

Not really bugs per say but
at least that I know of aren't listed as commands

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