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Pickles helper application.
                                                    Pickles helper application   

An introduction: 
Hey everyone; my name's Pickles, some of you may know me as 'north star' depending on how long you have played. I am 22 years old and I've been around Legendaryscape on and off since the very beginning. I've never been appointed a staff rank on here nor any other server and that's probably because i haven't been ready (hence why i haven't applied prior to this) To put things bluntly, i have almost no experience but what i lack in that, i feel i more than make up for in my eagerness to learn, my capability to be fair and just, my average playtime (believe it or not i am on 10+hours a day often closer to 15) and my sheer commitment of trying and make Legendaryscape great again.

Pickles, i also own the account North star. (applying for helper on pickles)

Reasoning for applying?:
I play a lot, more often then not for most of the day and night, i try to help everyone on a regular basis and always make sure people are doing fine. I would like to think that i get along with everyone, and regardless of personal feelings i would help anyone, in any situation to the best of my ability.

How long have you played the server?:
I think its been ever since the beginning, around 2 years now i'm pretty sure

Why would you make a good candidate on the staff team?:
so aside from my average play time, my eagerness to learn and my determination, i think i would be a good candidate for the simple reason that i like to converse with every player in the game. i think this would be an ideal trait when looking for a staff member, this is how i could potentially find what people may want changed in the game, other update ideas and see how people feel about the whole of the game in its current way. I love listening to people and i also love bringing ideas people who have the power to change things. Me loving this game shows that i only want the best, i want to see it thrive and progress.

do i play any other Runescape private servers?
Not at all, as far as Runescape private servers are concerned i only play what i enjoy and for the past year or so, the only one I've been playing (on and off) is Legendaryscape. I do play both Rs3 and Osrs however that wont be a problem in the slightest since i am afking 120 stats Smile

If you had to show your characteristics in 5 words, what would they be and why?:
  • Determined - When i set my mind to something, i tend not to give up no matter how long a task would take.
  • Eager- I am eager to learn both more about the game and its players, i am eager to work with everyone on the staff team to make the server the best it can be.
  • Fair- In any situation i am always neutral, putting aside feelings of both individuals (weather friends or not) and getting to the bottom of a solution as if i just met both players involved, being neutral like this, in my opinion is the best way to see the facts and stops your judgement from getting cloudy.
  • Hardworking- If there was an issue that needed to be solved, no matter how long or arduous i would stay helping the issue until it was solved, no ifs or buts.
  • Honest- If there was something i did not agree with being said, either from player or staff member alike i would voice my opinion offering solutions on the matter that would get a similar to desired outcome and hopefully more people would agree to these, involving the players is key.
Anything else you would like to add?:
In all honesty, i'm not the most smartest of people education wise however i promise i would get things handled whatever it maybe with a good attitude if i were given a chance. I can't stress enough that i play 10+ hours a day and often play almost double, sometimes more so there would almost always be someone online, helping, guiding, monitoring the players and watching out for the integrity and well being of the game. I'm truly sorry if this application was not up to par, there was no guidelines  and to make things harder i have never made something like this before.

Regardless of the outcome i wanted to say thank you for taking the time to read this

kind regaurds



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