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*** Event Time!! ***
* * * YouTube Advertising Event * * *

Well everyone, it has been a long time since we have had a event on LegendaryScape. So with that being said, there will be a YouTube video making event hosted for items provided by Pickles!

How to enter :
To enter the giveaway you must create a video on the server & send it to myself or Pickles.

There will be 3 winners during this 7 day event. On Friday August 24th the winners will be selected based on quality, creativeness, and content.

Prizes :
First Place - Full Set Of Perfect Armor & The Wrathsword Of Perfection
Second Place - The Wrathsword Of Perfection
Third Place - Full Set Of Perfect Armor

This event is not only just for items, but it will also help advertise for the server! Good luck to all who enter! If you have any questions, please message myself or Pickles!
[Image: 5047972.png]
**** Event Over ****
[Image: 5047972.png]

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