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Lyra's Guide to Everything
Lyra's Guide to Everything

 - 1. Starting Out
  • 1.1 - What to do when I first login?
  • 1.2 - Upgrading Beginner Gear - Early Slayer
- 2. Bossing
  • 2.1 - ::Beginnerboss
  • 2.2 - ::Legboss
  • 2.3 - Others
- 3. Gear Order & Stats
  • 3.1 - Armour
  • 3.2 - Weapons
  • Notable mentions

- 4. Price Guide

- 5. Training Stats

- 6. Extra Info
  • 6.1 - Beginner Keys
  • 6.2 - Mystery Boxes
  • 6.3 - Donating
  • 6.4 - Voting
  • 6.5 - LegendaryScape Currency

Section 1 - Starting Out

1.1 - What to do when I first login?

So you have joined the ranks of LegendaryScape?
Look no further than your arch nemesis the mighty penguin as you will be here for a while.

[Image: tjEECae.png]

Points to note while killing penguins;
  • Penguins can be found at :: Penguins
  • Look out for beginner keys (see section 6.1)
  • Initially collect the crystal keys from the ground - if you can kill them faster than you can pick up then stop.
  • Look out for Mystery Boxes for potential upgrades (see section 6.2)
  • You do not want to kill penguins past 1000/kc (or Donator status) except for slayer tasks.
1.2 - Upgrading Beginner Gear - Early Slayer

You have slaved away at the Penguins and found some drops to improve DPS.
Well I'm afraid its time to get acquainted with your new friend ... the Slayer Master (found at ::Home)

[Image: EpoTsFC.png]

The Slayer Master currently assigns to difficulties of Task's - Elite & Easy.

The Elite tasks consist of Nex Kills at ::Legboss - we want to gear up first so talk to Kuradel again for an easy task.

Easy tasks are your bread and butter for the foreseeable future.

All of your slayer monsters can be found at ::Customs

::Customs comprise of the following:
  • Pikachu
  • Mbox Knight
  • SpongeBob
  • Megaman
  • Crash
  • Golden Dragon
  • Spyro
  • Luigi
  • Jolteon
Some notable drops from here are Zenyte Jewlery, Visage & 24% boots.

When completing a slayer task you are rewarded with a random loot, see below;

[Image: kyowSUi.png]

[Image: mUHBmhM.png]

Slayer drops can include rare boxes which can hold close to endgame items.

Section 2 - Bossing

2.1 - ::Beginnerboss

Typing ::Beginnerboss will teleport you within the circle of fire at ::Customs.

Recommended Gear set up:

[Insert Picture]

These will likely be your first boss to face, the benefit of killing these is the frequent mystery box drops which are due to be reworked.

The drop table is as follows: (Awaiting Legendary to update drops)

2.2 - ::Legboss

Typing ::Legboss will teleport you within the Nex's Chamber.

Nex is currently the only Elite task assigned by the Slayer Master.

When killing Nex it is recommended to bring a Dragon Fire Shield or at least an Anti-fire shield
as at each corner of the room a demi-boss will attack with Dragonfire which can do a lot of damage.

  • Stand two/three tiles to the south of Nex's spawn - this should prevent him instantly teleporting you away.
  • If you have attacked and damaged Nex, your character will automatically run back to him after teleporting (2 second delay)
  • Pray Magic
  • You do not need to kill the mobs around Nex just focus the boss
Recommended Gear set up:

[Insert Picture]

The drop table is as follows: (Awaiting Legendary to update drops)

2.3 - Others

Other notable bosses worth killing are;

:: soulflare (drops a good weapon)

Check out the Boss teleport on the spells page for more bosses.

This thread will be getting updated as I find the time please bare with me and post any suggestions Smile
Very Nice Guide, damn
Great guide, but Nex is still giving me trouble. If I don't kill the mobs, they kill me. And if I do, Nex kills me.

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