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Drockie's Youtuber Application
Name: Robin
Age: 13 
Country: The Netherlands
In-Game Name: Drockie
Languages: Dutch,English,Little bit of German and a little bit of French.
YouTube: I have been doing YouTube for 3 years now but i wanted to start fresh again, i didn't know what i wanted to upload so i tought this would be great. I'm good at editing but i don't use it that much in the Legendaryscape vids, if that is a problem i will do something about that. I will be uploading atleast one legendaryscape video in a week.
Legendaryscape: My friend/brother in law (Snuffie) introduced me to this game a few months ago. I loved the game but i was busy with school and all of that, so i didn't play the game for a month or two, but now i am back on track like never before.
School: I am currently on my second year on high school, HAVO is my current advice. Havo means Hoger Algemeen Voortgezet Onderwijs (Senior General Secondary Education, atleast i think that is the translation Tongue). Sometimes i have very busy days, that means no legendaryscape Sad

If i get Youtuber Rank i would be very thankfull, and could you please pm me for the rights (if i get youtuber rank).

you are not a youtuber.... you dont deserve the rank, you have no content

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